Efficient and Detail-oriented Excavation Services

Whether you’re installing a new septic tank, building a landscape from scratch, or constructing your dream home, we are here for you. Charles Smith Construction offers a full range of excavation services in Moncton, Riverview, and surrounding areas. We do everything from drain tile repairs and small yard updates to foundation preparation and septic installation.

We are known for providing customized, cost-effective solutions and reliable results to meet our customers’ unique project needs. Our team has experience working on extensive projects and proactively coordinates with you and other contractors to hit all deadlines and meet your expectations. Contact us for a free quote today.


Our team can excavate your land for a variety of purposes and projects, including:

Foundation excavation and preparation

Do you need a qualified excavation contractor to prepare the foundation for your new landscape or home? Trust our team to help you with all your needs.

Sewer and water line repair and installation

Have split sewer pipes? Trust us to handle all your drainage needs, prevent extensive water damage to your property, and get your pipes following smoothly again.

Septic system installation

Ready to remove your old septic tank? Perhaps your home needs an additional septic system. Trust Charles Smith Construction to install septic systems in Riverview, Moncton and surrounding areas.

Garage pad preparation

We prepare concrete pads for your personal and commercial garages in Moncton and surrounding areas. Our work is always in compliance with local codes.

Driveway repair/preparation

Ensuring proper maintenance of your driveway can help extend its lifespan. We provide a variety of repairs for damaged driveways and prep sites for new paving.

Drain tile repair/upgrade

Has your old drain tile system degraded beyond repair? Let our team help you with drain tile upgrades. We also perform repairs to resolve blockages and other issues.

Landscape products (supply and delivery)

Whether you want to add a water feature, prevent weeds and pests, or simply improve your landscape’s aesthetics, we can supply and deliver the landscape products you need.

Complete New-build Excavation Packages

Driveway Repairs and Prep

Professional Excavation Services

We deliver unparalleled work and exceptional customer service on every project.